Your Personalized Love Story BOOK

A must-have item for any wedding

Have you ever thought that your love story would make a great novel?
Well, now that thought can become a reality!
You can have your own love story book
starting from your first date until the moment you say “I do”!
The leading characters in your love story book
are you and your significant other.

To begin the process of having your love story book published we have some thought
provoking questions, story details and personal/couple questions for you to fill out.
Feel free to complete this preliminary questionnaire on your own,
together or as a gift.

We know your love story is waiting to be written – START NOW…
Click here if you are ready!

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If you choose to have your own love story printed our professional writers, editors and designers will handle everything for you. 

Would you like your love story book to be written in another language? French? Spanish? German? Italian?

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  • The idea of MyLoveStoryBook is fantastic, and I personally believe that you will be able to surprise your loved one in a truly unique way. The idea of bringing to light the beauty of every love story, especially all the small details, is very exciting.

    ~Paul Balmos~
  • A true book with pages and a cover. A book that is telling, with images that display truth. A book with beautiful thoughts, footsteps, and days that led to a love story. Looking at this book put together, reading it from beginning to end, I can personally say: absolutely wonderful.

    ~Rodica, mother of the bride~
  • I'm amazed by her ability to bring to light the details that often go by unnoticed. She is an artist that transforms words into a beautiful picture with the power of her pen. Her words paint something more beautiful that any picture can ever convey.

    ~PhD Ileana Vesa ~
  • Every love story has a beginning, and our story was miraculous. We believed in it, and thought it was important that those dear to us should read it, so that it may remain a beautiful memory. I love to sit and read it. I love to relive this beautiful, true story. It is worth it!

    ~Iulia Tent~
  • "Books are small, lovely, and portable fragments of the mind ..." Dear Marcela, we are so appreciative of all your hard work. You were able to capture all the details in such an extraordinary way! It is as if you were with us, living those moments in reality You are a natural born talent. May God open doors for you so that many more love stories come your way...

    ~Chris & Emma~
  • The MyLoveStoryBook team are true professionals- beginning with their initial approach, to keeping the lines of communication open, solving any problems that may appear, and of course their talent in writing. I believe that the stories they write can be compared to even the most well read romance novels, except they write real stories.... including the love story of my dear sister.

    ~Johnny Boghean~
  • The style of writing is so captivating that when you read through the story they have written, you relive those beautiful moments and find yourself rejoicing in them all over again. This is the most special way to keep those memories of love alive!

    ~Diana Camp~
  • My Love Story Book truly is a unique and beautiful way to express your love in a meaningful way. Your pictures and story make it special, but the talent of putting it all together in a gorgeous package makes it unforgettable!

    ~Raelene Brynteson Soritau~

Meet the GHOSTS

This is why we love what we do:  You give us the opportunity to delicately frame the sweetest memories of your life. As those memories are stirred, you may laugh or you may cry, but if you allow us the opportunity, we’ll do our best to ensure that you will experience the depths of those precious moments each time you look back on them. 

Order Your Book

  1. Book DESIGN

    • Flush mount book
    • Top quality lustre prints (E-Surface) + Coating
    • Archival grade paper, thick and rigid pages
    • Size- Large: 8″x 11″ (Portrait)
    • Electronic version included

Select your book:

”Novelette”- $342
– 12 text pages 8 pictures
– (Total Page Number: 20; Thick pages; E-Lustre-Top Quality)

”Novella”- $547
– 25 text pages 19 pictures
– (Total Page Number:44; Thick pages. E-Lustre-Top Quality)
– E-book included

”Novel”- $632
– 32 text pages 18 pictures
– (Total Page Number: 50)
– E-book
– Guest book included

Shipping Method
Delivered in 8-12 business days $10.00
Priority:    Delivered in 5-7 business days -$20.00

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