The following day she was prepared to give an answer to Christian. As she exited the church door after the prayer meeting, Christian reached for her. That sensation was strange and full of excitement. Three days had passed since their last conversation. She became aware of how much she had missed him. Christian was forcing nervous steps.

“I have to give you an answer and you gave me seven days,” she said, “and I found out that there were too many…” She swallowed what she wanted to say before letting it out.

“I actually tried to escape from you, analyzing carefully how my life would look like in your absence”

“You had the courage?” He swept adventurously toward her.

“Yes, but it was futile” she continued “even though I tried to substitute you with someone else, I couldn’t”


“Because I have to obey”

“Obey whom?”

“My heart gave me a final order to choose you” her voice sounded assertive.

“Really?” He got even closer and inevitably couldn’t miss how gracious and gorgeous she was at the same time.

“You are lucky to be with me, but I am luckier to have you”

“Impressive, hope it is an original quote of yours”

“You know I am a judge. I always have my personal views about things”

“Oh, that also means you’ll count my faults. How many mistakes have I made up until now?”

“Well, first your elegance caught my eyes, then your intellect injured my rationality and finally your strong faith scored a goal in my heart ’

“And, what’s the match score?”

“Well, it’s of no importance… the point is that I am lost in your love and I will always be defeated”

She noticed clearly his obvious affection towards her. Smelling the sweetness of that Thursday afternoon, she was happy with her decision. And it was much more romantic to celebrate two birthdays at the same time –hers and their relationship. That first of September was a terribly magnificent day.

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