Although the banquet room was full of visitors, well-known faces and relatives he’d never met before, he still noticed the emptiness of that place. The white curtains around the dark blue carpet were reflecting a classic elegance, which was brought into a state of unity with guest’s dressing style. Daniel went around holding a tulip shaped glass of strawberry-flavored champagne, having no idea what he was looking for. He hated the anniversary gatherings, where the only true thing was the plastic fake smile of the people who pretended to be the elite of society.  He went out and sat down at the nearest seesaw that was free. It was almost impossible to rule his thoughts. He stretched his plain caramel-colored arms above his head, casting his gaze around.

‘Look at you, Daniel Swan …’ a husky female vocal interrupted his relaxing therapy.

‘Katie Brick, the eternal rival. What a surprise!’ He was taken by surprise. Her eyes smiled along with him. ‘What brings you here? You were supposed to hate the mundane life’ He said.

‘I’m lost’

‘Listen…people never got lost unless they really want to’ He tried hard to imitate her by using her common statement.

‘You still remember’ she stepped toward him ‘It took you some gray hair to realize what I knew years ago’ She teased as her fingers got lost in his hair.

‘What was your last job? Wrinkle collecting?’ He teased back. ‘Or more precisely ugly crusty face developer,’  Daniel was getting another go at her. She was about to get her comeuppance for all her previous vindictive ways.

‘Be talkative if you must, but I assure you that each word you’ll say will be used against you…’she started to citrate as her smooth features bent carefully. She stared at him with an involuntary spasm, moving closer:

‘Do you mind sharing this seat with celebrities? You know, sometimes we get down on the same level with our fans’

‘I don’t think there would be enough space for both of us’ He scratched the head letting her know that he had noticed she had gained some pounds. She bit the inside of her cheek as she saw him starring at the same time at a slim lady near the fountain five meters away. ‘But, I have another idea’ Daniel hurried to add as his favorite song was playing ‘We can dance’

She smirked as her face lighted up. As they both started to float to the rhythm of the song, he whispered:

‘I fear you’ll never get married’

‘Coming from a profane, loose canon like yourself, that sounds strange.’

The smell of her perfume brought back the distant past that time had seemingly erased.

‘I may be not perfect but …’

‘Shut up’ Katie scolded, touching his frozen lips as she dipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out a small transparent box, that held a medieval styled brass key inside. She held it as strongly as she could in her palm and then placed it in his pocket, whispering a few words through her clenched teeth.

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