It was almost dinner time. Catherine was not feeling hungry, so she decided to start working on her financial law project. It had been two days since Mark had left home.

‘How many days was that conference?’ she wondered.’ Why in the world didn’t she go with him?’

These doubts were distracting her attention from her project paper. She focused her eyes on the clock wall and dared to take a nap in the seesaw on the balcony, having no chance to concentrate on her project. The clouds boasted the sunset’s mystical colors, which according to Mel was promising a calm, peaceful night.

The whirring noise of a car stopped in front of the main gate and made her sneak a suspicious glance at the clock. Her heart popped out. Catherine recognized Mark’s blond hair as he was carrying his luggage, while Uncle Kyle was ringing the door bell. She felt joyful relief when she heard Mark’s laugh, but at the same time an instinct desire to hide.

Before running to her room Uncle Kyle cried her name.

‘Cathy, your colleague is back. Come and give him a hand with this…strange flower aquarium animal’ he said holding it up.

Mark turned instantly and headed in her direction.

‘I’m coming!’ she replied.

Running down the stairs, Catherine realized that the “perfect nephew” of Aunt Karina had just arrived home. Of course, she was enthusiastic because they were the same age and he was pleasant company in the house. There was no anomaly in this. Any other boy would be the same.

‘Here it is!’ Kyle assigned the aquarium to her.

‘Welcome back, Mark’ she greeted him, striving to be as indifferent as possible, although her warm smile was demonstrating quite the opposite.

‘Thanks!’ answered the boy softly. He looked handsome even though his eyes were extremely tired.

‘You guys are so stiff! Haven’t you’ve gotten to know each other yet. You act as if you were strangers!’ intervened uncle Kyle ‘Cathy give him a hug’

‘Well, my hands are busy now, as you can see’ she showed the aquarium.

‘Mr. Kyle, there is no need to carry my bags to my room. I can manage it by myself…of course if Catherine is still kind enough to carry the aquarium’

‘Alright! I’ll see what is Carina doing in the kitchen…hey, by the way, get prepared, …’ He drew a funny face ‘She is going to ask you a lot of questions, especially if you met any cute girl from Greece’ he winked.

Catherine pretended to find his joke amusing.

‘So, how was it?’ she finally asked.

‘What? The friendship with Greek girls?’ Mark asked as they were climbing the stairs.

‘No, the way back home’ she answered in a phlegmatic tone.

‘You have missed a lot’ the boy unlocked his door room and put the luggage down ‘You should have considered seriously my invitation’

‘Where did you get that?’ Catherine asked placing the aquarium in his desk, trying to change subject.

‘Do you like it?’

‘Well, it looks like a phosphoric animal plant…I am attracted to energetic things’

‘Interesting, you look like you’re a quiet girl, a low-adrenaline-style one’

‘You’re right, just look like…’ replied Catherine still watching that strange creature.

‘Good, grab a chocolate then, it belongs to the energetic things category’

‘Oh, no thanks! I really…’

‘It was on promotions, way cheap…’ Mark explained, continuing his unpacking.

‘Well, thank you anyway! The best things in life are free’ She gazed passed his eyes and moved closer to exit the door.

‘Are you leaving? What a lazy! Come and help me with unpacking.’

Having no other choice, she returned. There were a lot of blue T-shirts in his suitcase.

‘What is this?’ Catherine took of a bizarre pen from a small red rectangular box.

Mark started laughing.

‘It takes away the negative powers’ he joked ‘I bought it especially for my exam sessions. There is another one in there for you, also.’

‘Thanks… I bet it was some promotion and then you thought of me’

But as she opened the other red box meant for her, she was stunned.

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