It was the 10th of August. Gerard Kent had been waiting for almost an hour in front of the main wooden gate of the old theatre, near the train station. That night the moon was a perfect reflection of an extra-large peach in the garden of stars. A slight breeze rose from the stillness and blew through his hair. It was almost 11 PM and the train hadn’t arrived yet. Gerard liked to spend as much time as possible outside with his best friends, but when it came to waiting for his sister each Saturday night, this was really an inconvenience. He didn’t like to complain, but truth be told, the process of waiting for a female always involves harsh neuron damage. As his imagination began to wander, a thundering noise was heard in the distance. Gerard knew the train wheels’ dance on the tracks by heart. All those chuga-chugachugachuga sounds, ChooChoo horn and clink clink rhythmic steps would bring to his mind the beginning of a carnival parade and then he would welcome the appetite for going back to Rio de Janeiro!

He was near the railroad tracks when his sister waved at him beaming. It was not hard to distinguish her trademark long hair. What made him look bewildered was a blond curly girl standing next to his sister.

‘Hi Gerard’ greeted his sister giving him a tight embrace. ‘Sorry, I made you wait, but the train had some long stops’ she excused.

‘Hi Jessie’ said Gerard holding the gaze of the young girl who was accompanying his sister.

‘She is my roommate Claire, who finally accepted my invitation to visit our home’ said the girl, letting him know that she had hardly convinced her friend.

‘Nice to meet you Claire’ Gerard flushed as he shook her hand ‘Your face looks so familiar’ he remarked while being mindful of their exchange of eye contact, an exchange that made him feel an intense and intimate connection.

‘Probably because she has the face of your dream girl’ Jessie retorted playfully.

Gerard held his hand up and gestured to let them know where his car was parked.

‘Are you classmates as well?’ he asked as they got into the car.

‘Yes’ Jessie confirmed ‘… this is the second faculty for Claire, she graduated Southampton three years ago’ she pointed, looking adorably at her friend ‘Claire Clever… her surname matches her so perfectly’

His large, brown eyes shone cheerfully as he realized why her face looked so familiar. He had a tactful but big grin biting the edge of his lip.

‘Gerard, what’s that box?’ Jessie asked, turning on the dome light inside the car and throwing him a detective-like stare, while starting to open it.

‘Too much magic seemed to appear at night’ He added, fixing the Electrochromic rearview mirror, which was framing Claire’s pleasant smile and mischievous eyes.

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