‘Maybe you have to reconsider your statement’ Dennis got even closer again using his eye attack technique, but surprisingly Mel’s face mirrored his.

‘I speak up only when I am convinced, so I maintain what I have just declared’ she had no doubts about what she was saying.

‘I understand, but… ’He scrunched his eyebrows together and tipped his head to the side . ‘Mel, some details are better left undiscovered’

‘Details are all that matter in building a crime scene’

‘Exactly’ Dennis lightly tapped his fist against his lips while he was still thinking ‘The point is that given the whole scenario, you know only some of them. You might draw the wrong conclusions’

‘Dennis, are you trying to hide something?’ Her eyes were wide and she felt extremely irritated from the idea that he seemed to be aware of the whole picture.

‘I am out of the loop anyway’ He tried to sound as indifferent as possible.

‘Right, out of the loop, so save your advice and don’t mess up’

‘I wanted to make sure you won’t get hurt at the end, as usual’

‘Seriously?! You can’t give up being a hero, right?’ Detecting the expressionlessness of Dennis’s face Mel protested: ‘You’ll be engaged in two days. Go and fondle your Barbie doll and leave me alone’

‘You and Antuan were engaged first.’

She got his point.

‘I don’t love you Dennis’ Mel said harshly.

‘Me neither’ He added, instantly avoiding her eyes.

The door knocked.

‘Miss Alistair, are you there? The last séance must begin. The court is waiting for you’’

‘I’ll be ready in a minute’ she replied, putting the black uniform on while throwing a look toward Dennis that told him to leave the room.

‘Me and Judy are leaving San Diego after the engagement ceremony’ He said unexpectedly as he rolled down his eyes before closing the door.

Of course she was bored of his omnipresence, but she never wanted him out of her life.

‘Hmm…’she swallowed excessively and then added ‘What about your job? Did you resign?’ Mel was pretending to fix her contact lenses in the mirror, justifying her wet eyes.

‘Judy and I are going to work together…’He could see how much she was affected by the news.

‘Oh, I see… new life, new plans… what am I supposed to say? Have a good trip?’

She laughed slightly. A magnetic desire inside her was driving her crazy to move close to his chest.

‘If there is anything I can do for you, do not hesitate to ask… anytime’ His words were carried a discrete sincerity.

‘Advice, promotion?’

‘What’s that sardonic smile?’ He asked drawing a sly one.

In the endless game of emotions, she had always thought there would be a last time to pretend not to love him, but now that he was not going to come back anymore, she understood that the desire for him to stay was greater than everything else and she realized that it was a true love.

Unable to see the difference between a reckless brief first love and a reckless long-lasting one, Mel folded her arms around his neck and whispered:

‘I have always believed in your choices’

His wide green eyes fixed upon her sparkling ring and he couldn’t help but stare. She really knew what it meant to keep a promise and he felt guilty.

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